How to Install Hikvision CCTV Camera Step by Step

How to Install Hikvision CCTV Camera and DVR Step by Step Process | 2019 Updated

How to Install Hikvision CCTV Camera and DVR Step by Step Process | 2019 Updated

CCTV Camera installation is a very Easy Procedure, if done with Pre-knowledge about CC Camera. Below are the step by step Complete guide to Install CCTV Camera in right Way.

The below step is for 1 Pcs CCTV Camera, however if you follow this tutorial for 1 pcs camera, you can easily Install Multiple Cameras with Same Procedure, you just need to get the best Security Camera Installation Services.


  1. CCTV Camera – 1 Pcs
  2. Digital Video Recorder (DVR) – 1 Pcs
  3. Internal Hard Disk (250 GB-6 TB) – 1 Pcs
  4. BNC Connector – 2 Pcs
  5. Camera Power Adapter – 1 Pcs
  6. Cable (RG06)– 3 Meter
  7. Monitor

Tools You will be needed :

  1. Star Screw Driver
  2. Anti-cutter Blade
  3. Tape
  4. Multi Extension Cord
  5. Plus/Cutting


So, if you are having above all requirements then let move on with the next Procedure:

Installing Hard disk to DVR

Step: 1 (Installing Hard Disk to DVR Machine)

Unpack the DVR, Camera, Adapter and Hard disk from the Packets. Open the DVR Screw with a Star Screw Driver. Take the hard disk Power Cable, Hard Disk Cable and 4 screw Provided with the DVR. With hard disk Placing inside the DVR, tighten the screw from opposite side and close the DVR Lid.

Step: 2 (Installing or Placing CC Camera)

Now When it comes to installing or placing of Camera, it depends on the area you want to Place the Camera and the system you choose, we recommend opting for the Cctv Security System.

If it is a celling or a brick, then you can just simply drill with the drill template provided with the Camera and screw the Camera.

If it is a False celling, then you need to stick the drill template and make a hole in the center of three screw to pass the cables of the Camera.

The advantage of installing on False Celling is that, cables are not seen compared to installing camera on celling or a brick.

Step: 3 (Installing Adapter)

Connect the Adapter AC Power cord to Extension Cord and DC Cord to Camera DC Cord. Screw the Adapter beside Camera.

Step: 4 (Installing BNC Connector)

Cut the both sides of Camera Cable (Black Cover) with Anti-cutter and remove the foil Cover and twist the Aluminum. Secondly, Cut the Core Part (White Part), You will find a Hard Copper Cable. Put the Cable inside the Connector and rotate it clock wise till the white part of cable comes above. Cut the Extra Copper wire from the Cable and attach the BNC with the Connector. Put a Tape above the Connector. Follow the same procedure for other Side.

Step: 5 (Installing DVR)

Connect the one end of Camera Cable to Camera and another end to the DVR. Plug the DVR Adapter to Extension Cord and DC Cord to DVR. Plug the Monitor AC Cord to the Extension and Connect the VGA Cable of Monitor to the DVR’s VGA Port at Back. Tighten the Screw of VGA Cable. Connect the Mouse to the DVR (Provided with the DVR).

Step: 6 (Installing the Internet to DVR)

To watch Camera on Android Phone and on Laptop or PC, you must avail internet connection through which dvr is connected to cloud Storage. For avail the internet, you need to take a ready Cat6/Cat5 cable and connect one end to Router and another end to DVR’s Ethernet Port.

Step: 7 (Settings and Configuring the DVR)

Though there are various DVR Companies in Market, every Setting and Configuration is different from the others. So, we have chosen Hikvision DVR to show the Settings and Configurations.

After Following the above step by step instructions, we will end up with setting the DVR.

After Powering the Extension Cord, a Dialog Box will appear with three box, 2 box for password and 1 for IP Camera Password.

You can put the password in both the field as “hik12345” and IP Camera password also the Same.

Another Dialog box Appears, Saying System Language : English, click : apply,

Untick – “Start Wizard when device Starts ?” then click Next , click on admin password and type the password again : “hik12345” and hit next

Set the Time Zone as per your country, Date format, system date and system time as per you requirements and hit next, here comes network wizard hit next, tick mark on enable and put a verification code as 123456 or your choice , click next and again next, tick on hard disk and then on init to initialize the hard disk, then next, then ok. Its’ done.


How to Configure Hikvision DVR on Android Mobile

How to Configure Hikvision DVR on Android Mobile

Step By Step Process for How to Configure Hikvision DVR on Android Mobile :

Step 1 : Here We will show you, How to Configure Hikvision DVR on Android Mobile, Please follow Every Step, Please Don’t Skip a Step.

How to Configure Hikvision DVR on Android Mobile

Go To Google Play Store of you Android Phone and search “Hik-Connect” app, Download and Install it.

Note : Currently there are two apps in Play store for Hikvision, one is “Hik-Connect” and other is “IVMS-4500”. Although “Hik-Connect” is the latest App, but you can use both apps for viewing.

File Size for “Hik-Connect” app – 36MB

File Size for “IVMS-4500” – 20MB


Step 2 :

Step 2 Final

After Installing the app, Open the app, App will Prom to “Select Country or Region”. A List of Country will appear, Select your preferred Country and click on tick mark on right hand top side.


Step 3 :

Step 3

After Selecting the Country , A login Page will appear, Click on “Login” , Beneth Username and Password, a link is there for “Register”. After Clicking on Register , Select Agree for Term of Service, A form will appear to register by Phone Number, below phone number you can ” Register by Email Address”. We will Show you Both Ways.


Step 4 :

Step 4

Registering Through Phone : Enter you phone number after your Country Code and Select “Get Verification Code”. A Code will sent to you via SMS to yours Phone Number, Write the code and Select Next, Enter your password as you want and select Finish. That is Account is Registered through Phone Number Verification !

Step 4.1

Registering Through Email Address :  After clicking on “Register”, Select “Agree”, Select “Register by Email Address” below phone number Verification Form. Enter your Email address in the Blank field and select “Get Verification Code”. A Verification code will be sent to you Email, Check your Email for Code and write it on the Verification code page of the App. That’s it.

Note : if you get any error message during Email Address Registration, you can register through pc by going to


Step 5 :

Click on “+” sign at top right side corner and select “Scan QR Code”. From Your Hikvision DVR go to Menu>Configuration>Network>General> Platform Access >Scan the QR Code and Select ok

To View All Camera click on DVR Name and all camera will Appear. Double Tap to view small to large and then vice versa.


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Full Head Gas Mask in BD

Fire Escape Gas Mask in Bangladesh

Are you in Home or at work or in School ? What if the building catches Fire ?

Demand of Gas Mask in Bangladesh has increased day by day. A research shown that almost 80% deaths happens due to inhalation of toxic and poisonous Gas. If you have a well Fire Escape Gas Mask then it will definitely save you from toxic gas and you also get more time for evacuation.

In Case of Fire Emergency people find difficulty to breath in Oxygen due to huge amount of toxic and carbon monoxide gas in air, as  a result people faints.

Gas mask in bangladesh

A Fire Escape Mask is a device that is worn on head during emergency, to protect one from toxic smokes. For a Duration of 40 minutes , it will allow you breath in fresh oxygen without taking any toxic gas. With the help of Fire Mask one can wear and save others show exit direction during an emergency. Gas Mask Price in Bangladesh are very Cheap now days.

Use of Gas Mask in Bangladesh :

If you live on below Places, then we strongly recommend you to keep at least 01 pcs of Fire Escape Gas Mask :

  • Home & Workplace
  • Industries
  • School & University
  • Hospital
  • Hotel
  • Multi Level Apartment
  • Garments
  • Highly toxic gas Plant



Why we use CCTV Camera

Why we use CCTV Camera ?

Why We Use CCTV Camera :

CCTV Camera now days are major part of our Security System helping us to fight and defend theft, robbery, murder and lots of many criminal activities. Security Camera has became a very important tool for defense peoples for investigating cases much more easily with evidence, one good camera as an everyday tool is the Promnico police body camera which is used by police officers and law enforcement, and you can use it attached to your clothes and use it in a daily basis. As my first Part explains why we use cctv camera, now we will proceed to broad discussion.

Why we use CCTV Camera

Police can now stop a crime from happening and can also investigate and solve cases easily with proper evidence through the help of Surveillance Camera. Criminal will have less interest in an areal where surveillance camera goes 24/7, which makes peoples life and property safe from criminals. 

Benefits of Surveillance Camera :

Having Surveillance camera both in public and private property can help saving peoples lives and one can go through a silent dark street of a town with courage as now maximum camera have the night vision. Night vision is system through which surveillance camera can record the video in black/white, if there is low light or no light at all, through the infrared led’s fitted inside surveillance camera.

Surveillance Camera’s also have a wide range of zooming capacity, through which one can zoom in the criminal face and identify him. Some Camera’s have a zooming capacity of 100 meter distance and even more. Everyday Surveillance Camera companies are trying hard to provide us the best cctv camera with a very cheap price, so that everyone can afford security !

Why we use CCTV cameras?

These parking lot camera trailers are now days are also installed in Roads and highways. So, it has become Easy for police to have eyes on multi location at once, and if anything uncertain happens in a place, they can quickly send force to investigate or can catch any vehicles with number plate zooming. And talking about vehicles there are a special ones that take care of your cars safety, with you can find the best cameras to attached to your dash so you can drive without any preoccupation on the road.

Why we use CCTV Camera

Surveillance Camera on Protection :

CCTV Camera can be very useful for Business owners and small, big firm owners. Multi-location can be watched in one place at real time video. Also, there is option for playback, through which one can see the previous records by specifying the date and time range as required. For extra protection you can hire these security guard services.

So, As Surveillance Camera plays an important role in our day to day life, why shouldn’t we consider installing CC Camera to your Home, Business, Factory. Stay Safe and Stay Secure.

Advanced Technologies Used in CCTV Cameras and Systems

  • There is a strong link between technology and security. Many of the new technologies which are widely used and have various applications were first developed for security systems, with the use of computers that people maintain in a good state with the use of services from sites as Similarly, the developers of security systems integrate the most advanced technologies available to ensure that we are always one step ahead of thieves. Having a computer to store all of your recorded footage is really important, if you don´t have one then you can check out these used laptops for sale. The CCTV cameras and systems which use the most advanced technologies offer the highest level of security and of flexibility as well. With all the recording done by these cameras, there needs to be enough space in your software to store all them, it is recommended to contact a Cloud Storage Provider so that you never run out of space and there aren’t any problems with storing your recordings.
  • People’s dependence in technology has been increasing exponentially, which means they keep looking for the latest tech and use it to better their everyday lives. When it comes to security, I always make sure to offer and bring to their attention a security measure that some might consider dated, but it is in fact still worth considering. A simple landline phone. Why is it useful as a security measure you ask? Well, it is a form communication first and foremost, and in an emergency you may need to request assistance. A land line phone is not impeded by power outages, giving it an advantage over alarm systems. I’m sure you’re thinking about using your cellphone to request assistance. While it is true that in many cases that will be all you need to get the word out, cell phone services require a functioning network and nearby towers up and running. Mobile phone services have been known to go down or get saturated during large emergencies and natural disasters. All things considered, a land line would provide and establish a redundant security measure in the way of an alternative form of communication which could save you in the absolutely worst of times. Therefore, if security is a genuine concern, a landline is an option to consider.

HD Cameras

  • In the past, the video produced by CCTV cameras was not of very good quality and this prevented the police and the courts from using it as effectively as they would have liked. The modern cameras not only use digital processors. The most advanced units actually produce HD video. Most of these models have 720p resolution, but there are some with 1080p resolution as well. When combined with color and zooming, the high resolution allows enables you to see every detail of the offender’s face, body and clothing. This contributes greatly to the resolution of cases by the police and helps to bring more criminals to justice. If you need help setting up cameras, then contact these Security Camera Installation Services.

Infrared Cameras

  • Just a few years ago the infrared CCTV cameras were considered a luxury which homeowners, in particular, could not afford. However, these cameras are becoming more and more common due to their high functionality. They use infrared LED lights which are turned on when the light level hits a set low point. The infrared technology produces images based on the infrared radiation emitted by all objects. The differences in the radiation levels created by the different temperatures of the objects make it possible for clear and detailed images to be produced.
  • It is worth pointing out that the infrared security cameras work effectively not only in complete darkness, but also when there is a lot of dust or smoke. This is because infrared light can penetrate through them easily. This capability is extremely important in case of adverse weather conditions. It can also help protect the property from thieves and vandals in case of fire.

for more details-you can visit our home page- cctv camera Company in Bangladesh

Advanced PTZ Cameras

  • The pant-tilt-zoom cameras are the most technologically advanced as they move to the left and to the right and up and down and zoom in and out. Their capabilities make it possible for even more advanced technologies to be integrated. The most sophisticated cameras combine several such technologies and other Internet Services from the managed services provider Sydney online.
  • The PTZ cameras can come with an image flipping function. It is used when a person passing through the area under surveillance is followed. When the camera moves it will start producing upside images after it crosses its central axis. The role of the flipping function is to flip them to 180 degrees so that there is no delay in the processing by the security personnel.
  • The tracking of a moving object can be automatically performed by the PTZ security cameras equipped with auto-tracking technology. Such a camera works to detect a moving object such as a vehicle or a person and follows it all the way to the end of its range. This technology is extremely useful for home and small business CCTV systems as they do not have security personnel sitting behind the monitor.
  • There are PTZ cameras which come with a privacy masking capability. It is possible for the user to mask a certain section of the area which is kept under surveillance by a particular camera. The masked area remains the same no matter how the device moves. This is technology is quite useful for homeowners who want to protect their valuables without compromising their privacy.


Recorders with Analytics

  • The most advanced digital video recorders and network video recorders come with video analytics software. This software enables the more efficient functioning of the CCTV Cameras system in many ways. It produces more details which the police can use for resolving crimes. It eliminates the need for security staff to keep an eye on the monitors constantly. In this respect, the analytics technology is more cost-efficient as well as more productively efficient. It is worth looking at the major capabilities of this software, while also using other software in computers for documents from sites as
  • The analytics software can come with motion detection capability. In this way, the recorder starts working only when motion is detected. This helps to save power and hard disk space and to extend the useful life of the recorder.
  • The face detection capability works to produce close-up images of the faces of people and saves them to a special index. Some more advanced recorders can detect not only facial features but also the way in which people walk. The missing object detection functionality produces an alert when an object in the field of view of a camera goes missing. The scene detection functionally produces an alert when there is a change in a camera’s field of view. Learn about the best surveillance cameras for business you can find online, because safety is always important.
  • You can readily take advantage of the most technologically advanced CCTV cameras and systems