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Hikvision (4 Pcs CC Camera Package )
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Hikvision (4 Pcs CC Camera Package )

Features :

  • HD Video Output
  • Auto Night Vision Video
  • 65 Foot (20  Meter) Coverage Range
  • Ultra Durable

CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh

The Best CCTV Camera Company in Bangladesh with Affordable Price

– The Best CCTV Camera Company in Bangladesh with multiples security Brands like Hikvision, Dahua, and Many world-renowned Brands. We believe in the trust of our Customers so do our Customer, So We work with brands that are trusted by Majority People of the Earth. We always try to research the products for ourselves first and then sell it to the Customer, it so because we want our customers to get the best Products Possible.

Our Products Quality makes us very special from other companies in the local market. Every People wants to choose the Best CCTV Camera company in Bangladesh. There are actually a few different options now on the market. Think about the important advantages that each company will introduce. The team is ready to serve the needs of local business owners. That could improve the security profile for any business in the area too.


Affordable CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh with Quality CCTV Camera in Bangladesh

– Computer Store BD has been providing Affordable and Best CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh compared to the companies in the local market. We have analyzed, research and reviewed most of the shop and local markets in Bangladesh for product quality and Cheap Price, and Compared to our products, We found our Products to the best in Price And Quality. Product Price varies upon Brands.

We always prefer to buy products at a cheap price but we also have to make sure that we do not lose the product quality also. Thus keeping that in Mind Computer Store BD has brought the product at a cheap price with maintaining the quality of the product 100%.

If you needed to buy CCTV Camera in Bangladesh with Affordable CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh then you may call us directory or can contact through our email address.



Are you on the lookout for the most affordable CCTV cameras in Bangladesh? If you are on that mission, you have landed on just the right page! We are here to help you. We are going to do so by highlighting and explaining the core traits and indicators of affordable pricing. We are thereafter going to direct you to a site that will be of help to you.

For a camera to have the best price, its pricing must incorporate these vital elements:

Lower Costs It is absolutely essential that the camera costs lower than others of its kind, all other factors considered. This is to save you a great deal of money.


Warranty and After-sales

Other than affordable costs, the camera should also be accompanied by a generous warranty and after-sale services. Examples of these include free installation, free inspections, and free replacements of parts for a limited duration of time after the sale. They will go a long way in reducing the costs of maintenance in the long run.

Hot Discounts

The seller of the cameras should also advance discounts as much as possible. The discounts should not only be for large purchases but even for singles purchases as well. Moreover, they should be advanced year-round; not just in peak sales seasons only.

Free Advisory and Consultancy

Lastly, the seller should also offer free advisory and consultancy services to the buyers of these cameras. This is to help the buyers to get started. Being free, the buyer will not have to part with extra cash to access them and hence greatly reduce the price as a whole.



Our online store ComputerStoreBD.com provides the Best CCTV Camera in Bangladesh. We do incorporate all the core elements we have highlighted and discussed above in our pricing regime. You can, therefore, be certain that you will not break the bank at all by looking up to us. To get started, simply pay us a visit via https://computerstorebd.com. We have placed all the relevant pieces of information you need there. We look forward to receiving your inquiries and assisting you soonest possible!


CCTV Camera Packages | CCTV Package in BD

We have a variety of CCTV Camera Packages for CCTV Camera designed with the World Renown Brand Hikvision and Dahua. Different CC camera Packages starting from 1 Pcs CC Camera to 2 Pcs, 3 Pcs, 4 pcs, 5 Pcs, and so on till 32 Pcs Packages. Each Package is designed in Camera, DVR, Hard Disk, Adapter, BNC Connector, Camera Cable, Electric Cable and also with Installation.

Though there is Various CCTV Camera Packages in BD, why you should consider ours?

We have designed our Packages with World top Brands CC Camera and High-Quality Accessories. Secondly, we are providing a 1 Year Replacement Guaranty for CCTV Camera and DVR also with 1 Year Free Service. So, You don’t need to worry or think twice before buying from us.


Buy CCTV Camera Online in Bangladesh | CCTV Service Provider in Bangladesh

If you need to buy CCTV Camera online in Bangladesh, you can either call us or directly can choose any products that suit your needs from our Website. No matter where you leave in Bangladesh, Our team will deliver and install CCTV on your Places with complete analysis and recommendations.

We are regarded as the Best and Quality CCTV Service Provider in Bangladesh. Why?

Customers like us the Most, because of our non-stop and Quick Services. We try to send a technician to solve the problem on the same day, the customer complained to us about it.

We are also the Largest CCTV Dealer in Bangladesh with top brands like Hikvision, Dahua. Our Dealers are always happy with our Best Prices and Gifts and Quick Services and solution to Problems over the phone or Physically.


Best and Affordable WiFi Camera Price in Bangladesh

With so many security systems on the market today, you may find it a little difficult to find the Best WiFi Camera Price in Bangladesh. Which one should you choose for your needs? Here are some tips to find the best security camera. The terms security cameras and surveillance are very broad. If you search the Internet, you will have access to a large number of product options. With such options, you may feel overwhelmed. You would like to refine your choices knowing which ones are available today. What are your current options? The basic types are wired and wireless systems.

Choosing the Right and Best WiFi Camera in Bangladesh

Wireless cameras range from your camera mounted on walls or camcorders disguised that can be placed in stuffed toys or gadgets that you have at home. Review the advantages and disadvantages of each camera. This will allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Remember to pick the one that offers them in the Best WiFi Camera.

Complete system:
The WiFi equipment comes in sets. They are completed with mounting devices, cameras, software, and cables. If you repurchase it, look for these extensible monitoring systems. In case you need to connect more cameras, you can easily integrate additional cameras into your existing surveillance system. If you buy used monitoring systems, make sure that everything, from the original package or package, is included in your purchase. You will not want to have problems finding parts of the set, because sometimes the accessories are not available individually.

Durable WiFi camera:
You want to keep your devices safe from extreme weather, humidity, heat or dust. But some cameras are intrinsically resistant to these external elements. Look for IP cameras that may last longer than expected.

Camera specifications:
Find out how you can watch the video footage. You can also get additional functions, such as those you can find in WiFi cameras. These cameras can be accessed remotely as long as they are connected to an IP address. Consult the specifications of each camera and make a quick comparison. Look for those with good focal length or resolution and those with high sensitivity.

Night vision or infrared functions:
Make sure the camera you are using has night vision features. That will make it easier to keep track of thieves even when it is dark outside.

All WiFi camera systems in the market are not created equal. It is always good to make additional efforts to find the alarm equipment that best suits your needs. In case you have a hard time getting the best IP camera you can visit http://computerstorebd.com/. They sell them at the best WiFi camera price in Bangladesh, visit them today, and you will find everything you need on the WiFi camera.


Best and Affordable Fire Extinguisher Price in Bangladesh

-We Provide Various kinds of Fire Extinguisher like ABC Powder, Co2, Foam, Water with the best Fire Extinguisher price in Bangladesh. During a Fire Emergency, Fire Extinguisher plays a major role in Fire Fighting. Fire Emergency takes place from a small fire, so if small fire can be stopped on time by fire extinguisher then we will remain safe from a big disaster. We also Provide many Fire Equipment like Gas Mask Price in Bangladesh, Safety Helmet, Gum Boot, Mini Fire Extinguisher, Full Head Gas Mask.

So, If you are looking for Best and Affordable Fire Extinguisher Price in Bangladesh, just give us a call or visit our Shop.


Best and Affordable Access Control Price in Bangladesh

Access Control is a Security that helps one to know who or what can view the management area, thus security the office Safety. Access Control is consist of Magnetic lock with time attendance machine attached, If anyone needs to enter, he/she have to scan against the Biometric Machine to Enter.

It is the smartest way of Security. Access Control is becoming popular and popular day by day, so as the Price. We computer store bd have brought Access Control Price in Bangladesh in Cheapest Price possible. So that everyone is benefited from security. Access Control now days considered to be the Safe Security for Office, Home, Factory and Warehouse.


Video Conference System in Bangladesh

When it Comes to Video Conference System in Bangladesh, Computer Store BD is really best at it. Video Conference System is a process of having a meeting or conferences together, even if the members are shattered in different places or even different countries! Video conferences are nowadays the smartest way of communication for Office, Factory or organization. Cheap, Smart and very Easy to use.


How are our Sales After Service?

– We always try to provide customers with the highest grade of products available so that, no one can complain about our products. Even though it’s electronics products, a malfunction may occur due to short circuit or voltage fluctuation problem. So Our Service Team is always ready to serve you from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm. We just need a phone call from you and our service team will be on our doorsteps. We also provide service during government holidays.

Does all Products Cover Warranty?

– All Security Camera has a 1-year Replacement Warranty. Though the Company provides with 1-year Replacement Warranty, the products really have good longevity, so it can run years after years. All DVR, Camera has a 1-year warranty. Warranty terms are not covered for Adapter and for products burned or short circuits.

Can I pay Product price Cash on Delivery?

– Yes, of course, We have the primary option for product delivery for Cash on Delivery. So, to make sure the product is all yours.

What is our Satisfaction level to Customers?

– Our Satisfaction is level is great inside Dhaka, Bangladesh as getting maximum calls for products through the reference. It means one has satisfied through using our products and tell others also to buy the same from us.

Who are our Clients?

-We have worked with numerous Clients from which major Corporate Clients are Aarong, Kitty Industries, Bangladesh Army, Uni-Lever, Hotel Dhaka Times, Mohammadpur Housing Society Ltd, Sathi Auto Rice Mill, Zenith Int’l School and Many more.


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