How to Configure Hikvision DVR on Android Mobile

How to Configure Hikvision DVR on Android Mobile

Step By Step Process for How to Configure Hikvision DVR on Android Mobile :

Step 1 : Here We will show you, How to Configure Hikvision DVR on Android Mobile, Please follow Every Step, Please Don’t Skip a Step.

How to Configure Hikvision DVR on Android Mobile

Go To Google Play Store of you Android Phone and search “Hik-Connect” app, Download and Install it.

Note : Currently there are two apps in Play store for Hikvision, one is “Hilook” and other is “IVMS-4500”. Although you can always download the latest hikvision apps from their official Website.

You Can download Hik-connect/Hilook/ivms any 1 from the three will work to view the CCTV Camera.

Step 2 :

Step 2 Final

After Installing the app, Open the app, App will Prom to “Select Country or Region”. A List of Country will appear, Select your preferred Country and click on tick mark on right hand top side.

Step 3 :

Step 3

After Selecting the Country , A login Page will appear, Click on “Login” , Beneath Username and Password, a link is there for “Register”. After Clicking on Register , Select Agree for Term of Service, A form will appear to register by Phone Number, below phone number you can ” Register by Email Address”. We will Show you Both Ways.

Step 4 :

Step 4

Registering Through Phone : Enter you phone number after your Country Code and Select “Get Verification Code”. A Code will sent to you via SMS to yours Phone Number, Write the code and Select Next, Enter your password as you want and select Finish. That is Account is Registered through Phone Number Verification !

Step 4.1

Registering Through Email Address :  After clicking on “Register”, Select “Agree”, Select “Register by Email Address” below phone number Verification Form. Enter your Email address in the Blank field and select “Get Verification Code”. A Verification code will be sent to you Email, Check your Email for Code and write it on the Verification code page of the App. That’s it.

Note : if you get any error message during Email Address Registration, you can register through pc by going to

Step 5 :

Click on “+” sign at top right side corner and select “Scan QR Code”. From Your Hikvision DVR go to Menu>Configuration>Network>General> Platform Access >Scan the QR Code and Select ok

To View All Camera click on DVR Name and all camera will Appear. Double Tap to view small to large and then vice versa.

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