WiFi Camera

If you need a Wireless Security Solution then WiFi Camera is the Best Solution you have. WiFi Camera Price in Bangladesh ranges from 1500 tk to 4500 tk, depending on various features such as Camera Resolution and Brand and Non-Brand Camera Quality.

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WiFi Camera can be of various types, Like :

  • 360 Degree WiFi Camera
  • v380 WiFi Camera
  • Ezviz IP WiFi Camera
  • Bulb Spy Camera

360 Degree WiFi Camera

360 Degree WiFi Camera Consist of 360 Degree lens or so Called Fish Eye Lens, through which you can watch a 360 degree view of a Room. If placed in the center of the room.

These Cameras are Local i.e does not fall into any brand, so they don’t have any official warranty, But Some companies provide a warranty from their own to boost up the Sales.

These Cameras comes with two-way Audio and Motion Sensor. It also has an SD Card Slot, a maximum of 128 GB memory Card Can be inserted.


v380 WiFi Camera

V380 WiFi Camera is a Wifi Type Camera with two way Audio and Can Be Rotatable from Mobile devices.

Supports External SD Card Slot for which you can put a Maximum of 128 SD Card.

No Official Warranty


Ezviz IP WiFi Camera

Another Range from Hikvision Series. A Smart and Intelligent Smart IP WiFi Camera available in 1 Mega Pixel and 2 Mega Pixel.

Two Way Audio Communications and Can Control the Camera Movement through Phone.

It comes with 1 Year Official Warranty.

Smart Motion Tracking Notifications System Enabled.


Bulb SPY Camera

Bulb SPY Camera is an Another Range of Spy Camera, that Can be easily placed in a Lamp Holder.

Two Way Communications and Supports SD Card up to 128 GB.

No Official Warranty



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