Fire Extinguisher and Equipments

Importance of Fire Extinguisher :

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Fire Extinguisher and Fire Equipment are now days has become mandatory to be installed in every high rise building, as instructed by Rajuk.

During Sudden Fire one has to act wisely to stop Fire From Spreading or causing him/her any danger.

Fire Extinguisher Price in Bangladesh

We always know that during an emergency fire condition, the fire rescuer team need some time to reach the destination, but on that meantime , people inside the building or house has to survive using all kinds of fire fighting equipment they have with them. Which includes basic Fire Extinguisher and Gas Mask and fire proof dress. This Equipment can Save as many life possible if used wisely.

Fire Extinguisher in Bangladesh

Some Tips You Need to Follow to help Fighting Fire :

  • Try to attend the Local Fire Training Service or help to arrange one in your office or factory
  • Always keep Fire Equipment near Eye vision  and near by distance where you can reach as quickly as possible during an Emergency
  • Keep multiple Emergency door to evacuate
  • During an Emergency don’t get Nervous, Stay Calm
  • Install an automatic Fire Hydrant System , through which one can know which area fire is arising from and automatically water sprinkles detecting heat.
  • Always keep First Aid Box and Fire Escape Gas Mask Nearby

Types of Fire Extinguisher and Fire Extinguisher Price in Bangladesh Explained –

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